Handboss Universal Foam Cleaning Agent

A powerful, natural surface cleaner with fast penetration and exceptional dirt removal. Advanced technology ensures non-toxic, anti-microbial properties. Free from harmful organic solvents and phosphor, it effortlessly removes oil, ink, bitumen, and carbon powder. Enjoy abundant foam, strong adhesion, and convenient washing. Experience a refreshing fragrance. Brand: Handboss.

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Handboss Universal Foam Cleaning Agent is a highly effective and versatile cleaning solution. It is made of natural surface active agents that quickly penetrate and clean various surfaces. With its powerful dirt-removing performance, it efficiently removes oil, ink, bitumen, and carbon powder.

The cleaning agent is non-toxic, anti-microbial, and free from harmful organic solvents. It produces plenty of foam, ensuring high adhesion and convenient washing. After use, it leaves a pleasant fragrance.

Easily clean dirt and stubborn stains off computers and office equipment with the Handboss branded Universal Foam Cleaning Agent. Suitable for use against a variety of surfaces ranging from plastics, to metals, to furniture and floors, the Universal Foam Cleaning Agent is ideal for households, offices and industrial locations where clean, spotless equipment is a priority. It is available in 650ml spray canisters

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