Original HP Pavilion X360 11-U (NU03XL) 3 Cell battery in Nairobi Kenya

Model : NU03XL
Type: Laptop Battery
Battery Type: Li-ion
Battery Voltage: 11.55V
Capacity: 41.7Wh
Color: Black

Compatible Part Numbers:

843536-541, 844201-850, 844201-855, HSTNN-UB6V, NU03XL, TPN-C128, TPN-W117

Compatible Models:

Pavilion x360 11-u000ng, Pavilion x360 11-u016la, Pavilion x360 11-u110tu, Pavilion x360 11-u102tu, X360 11-ab009la, Pavilion x360 11-u105tu, Pavilion x360 11-u002ng, Pavilion x360 11-u104tu, Pavilion x360 11-u109tu, Pavilion x360 11-u100, Pavilion x360 11-u101tu, Pavilion x360 11-u103tu, Pavilion x360 11-u108tu, Pavilion x360 11-u107tu, Pavilion x360 11-u001ng, Pavilion x360 11-u112tu, Pavilion x360 11-u111tu, Pavilion x360 11-u106tu, Pavilion x360 11-u000, Pavilion x360 11-u113tu

KSh 6,500.00

Compatible with Battery code:

  • NU03XL
  • NU03041XL-PR
  • 844201-850
  • 843536-541
  • 844201-855
  • 844201-856
  • NU03041XL

Compatible with Laptop Models:

  • Pavilion X360 11-AB000NS
  • Pavilion X360 11-AB003NP
  • Pavilion X360 11-AB007NF
  • Pavilion X360 11-AB009TU
  • Pavilion X360 11-AB013UR
  • Pavilion X360 11-AB015TU
  • Pavilion X360 11-AB024TU
  • Pavilion X360 11-AB038TU
  • Pavilion X360 11-AB090NG
  • Pavilion X360 11-AB102NIA
  • Pavilion X360 11-AB102NS
  • Pavilion X360 11-AB103NIA
  • Pavilion X360 11-U001NQ
  • Pavilion X360 11-U002NA
  • Pavilion X360 11-U003NK
  • Pavilion X360 11-U004NG
  • Pavilion X360 11-U009TU
  • Pavilion X360 11-U023TU
  • Pavilion X360 11-U059TU
  • Pavilion X360 11-U065TU
  • Pavilion X360 11-U101NI
  • Pavilion X360 11-U199NIA
  • Stream X360 11-AA000NQ
  • Stream X360 11-AA001NK
  • Stream X360 11-AA001NP
  • Stream X360 11-AA002NE
  • Stream X360 11-AA005NF
  • Stream X360 11-AA006NF
  • Stream X360 11-AA053NA
  • Stream X360 11-AG009NA
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