HP 248 – LA04 HSTNN-Y5BV, Original Genuine High Quality Laptop Battery ( 6 months Warranty)

Product Short Description:

Product Type: HP 248/LA04 Original Laptop Battery
Condition: Brand new high Quality battery
Voltage : 14.8V  |

Capacity :  2580mAh
Battery color : Black
Battery Part  Number: HSTNN-YB5M
Warranty: 6 Months Warranty
Delivery: Cash on Delivery Within Nairobi and environs.

KSh 5,000.00

Original HP Battery – Compatible with HP Laptop Models

Looking for an original HP battery? We’ve got you covered!

Compatible HP Pavilion Models:

  • Pavilion 14 TouchSmart Series
  • Pavilion 15-B119TX
  • Pavilion 15-B003TX
  • Pavilion 15-B004TX
  • Pavilion 15 TouchSmart Series
  • 248 Series, 248 G1 Series
  • 340 Series, 340 G1 Series
  • 350 Series, 350 G1 Series

Compatible HP Pavilion Models:

  • 15-n200ei, 15-n200si, 15-n212ei, 15-n212si, 15-n213ei, 15-n213si, 15-n214ei, 15-n214si, 15-n215ei, 15-n215si, 15-n267ei, 15-n267si, 15-n268ei, 15-n268si, 15-n269ei, 15-n269si, 15-n205ss, 15-n228ss, 15-n229ss, 15-n230ss, 15-n253es, 15-n260ss, 15-n262ss, 15-n263es, 15-n264ss, 15-n265ss, 15-n266ss, 15-n204es, 15-n200ss, 15-n201ss, 15-n220ss, 15-n251ss, 15-n252ss, 15-n258ss, 15-n261ss, 15-n261ss, 15-n200ed, 15-n203ed, 15-n204ed, 15-n209ed, 15-n210ed, 15-n211ed, 15-n212ed, 15-n213ed, 15-n215ed, 15-n277ed, 15-n229nf, 15-241nf, 15-nXXX
  • Pavilion 14-n204sa, 14-n205sa, 14-n221ea, 14-n206sa, 14-n221sa, 14-nXXX

Compatible Part Numbers: 728460-001, F3B96AA, LA04, HSTNN-UB5M, HSTNN-UB5N, HSTNN-Y5BV, HSTNN-YB5M, TPN-Q129, TPN-Q130, TPN-Q131, TPN-Q132, 28460-001

Get a new, warranted Original HP 248/LA04 External Battery from the best laptop repair center in Nairobi, Kenya. Please ensure to check the original battery model and shape to ensure compatibility. For any inquiries, feel free to call us.

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