19.5V 6.15A 120W Ac Power Adapter Hp Envy Pavilion Touchsmart Sleekbook 15 15t 17 M6 M7 Charger for Hp Envy 15 17 Laptop

Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
Output Voltage: 18.5V 6.5A (120W)
Warranty: 3 months.

KSh 5,000.00


  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 18.5V 6.5A (120W)
  • Warranty: 3 months.
  • 24×7 Customer Support, Reach Us by CallWhatsAppEmail.


384020-001, 384020-002, 384021-001, 384021-002, 384022-001, 384022-002, 384023-001, 384023-002, 384023-003, 384024-001, 384024-002, 391173-001, 391174-001, 397747-001, 397747-002, 397747-003, 397803-001, 409992-001, 416421-001, 416421-021, 416931-001, 418873-001, 418875-001, 463556-002, 463953-001, 463955-001, 519331-001, 519331-002, 537336-001, 608426-001, 608426-002, 608428-001, 608428-002, 609910-001, 609941-001, 619484-001, 644699-003, 645156-001, 677762-001, 677762-003, 693709-001, 709984-003, 710415-001, ADP-120MH B, ED495AA, ED495AA#ABA, ED519AA, ED519AA#ABA, EX978AV, EX978AV#ABA, G6H44AA, HP-0W135F13, HP-OW120F13, HP-OW120F13 8SELF, HP-OW120F13 LF SE, HP-OW120F13LFSE, HP-OW121F13, HP-OW121F13SELF, HP-OW135F13, HP-OW135F13LFSE, HP-W135F13, HSTNN-CA25, HSTNN-DA25, HSTNN-LA25, HU10104-11291, KG298AA, KG298AA#ABA, PA-1121-02HC, PA-1121-12HC, PA-1121-42HH, PA-1121-42HN, PA-1121-42HQ, PA-1900-08H2, PA-1900-18H2, PA-1900-32HT


Hp compaq
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EliteBook 2170p (A1J01AV)EliteBook 8460p (A3P42EC)Envy 17-j010ELEnvy 17-j141naHDX X18-1275EE
EliteBook 2170p (A7C08AV)EliteBook 8460p (B2E83EC)Envy 17-j010ewEnvy 17-j145ngLaptop PC – 15-ax045tx (Y8H64PA)
EliteBook 2170p (C5A08UC)EliteBook 8460p (B2F25EC)Envy 17-j010seEnvy 17-j150nrNotebook – 14-am041tx (X5P76PA)
EliteBook 2170p (C7Y42UC)EliteBook 8460p (B2F38EC)Envy 17-j010srEnvy 17-j150stNotebook – 14-am074tu (X3D01PA)
EliteBook 2170p (C8K15PA)EliteBook 8460p (B2F58EC)Envy 17-j011sgEnvy 17-j151nrNotebook – 14-am083tu (Y4F98PA)
EliteBook 2170p (D3D18AW)EliteBook 8460p (H0E95EP)Envy 17-j011srEnvy 17-j152eiNotebook 14-am040tx (X5P75PA)
EliteBook 2170p (E2X63PP)EliteBook 8460p (H0G18EP)Envy 17-j012erEnvy 17-j153eoNotebook 14-am074tu (X3D01PA)
EliteBook 2170p (E9Y96PC)EliteBook 8460p (H2W45EP)Envy 17-j012srEnvy 17-j154nfNotebook 14-am083tu (Y4F98PA)
EliteBook 2540p (LC443EP)EliteBook 8460p (H3W63LC)Envy 17-j014egEnvy 17-j161eaOmen 15-5000
EliteBook 2540p (LC480EP)EliteBook 8460p (LC577EP)Envy 17-j014srEnvy 17-j162ssOmen 15-5000nc
EliteBook 2540p (LC525EP)EliteBook 8460p (LQ167AW)Envy 17-j015erEnvy 17-j164soOmen 15-5000nd
EliteBook 2540p (LF411EC)EliteBook 8460p (QD028EP)Envy 17-j015srEnvy 17-j165ssOmen 15-5000ng
EliteBook 2540p (SJ404UC)EliteBook 8460p (QD057EP)Envy 17-j016sgEnvy 17-j166nzOmen 15-5000no
EliteBook 2540p (SJ556UP)EliteBook 8460p (QD107EP)Envy 17-j017sgEnvy 17-j167ezOmen 15-5000nw
EliteBook 2540p (SJ590UC)EliteBook 8460p (QD124EP)Envy 17-j018sgEnvy 17-j170eoOmen 15-5001TX
EliteBook 2540p (SJ637UP)EliteBook 8460p (SM945UC)Envy 17-j020egEnvy 17-j170ezOmen 15-5003TX
EliteBook 2540p (SJ975UP)EliteBook 8460p (SN001UC)Envy 17-j021ssEnvy 17-j171eaOmen 15-5006TX
EliteBook 2540p (SK019UC)EliteBook 8460p (SN099UC)Envy 17-j025srEnvy 17-j171saOmen 15-5009TX
EliteBook 2540p (SK091UP)EliteBook 8460p (SN246UP)Envy 17-j033eoEnvy 17-j176nzOmen 15-5011TX
EliteBook 2540p (SK129UP)EliteBook 8460p (SP105UP)Envy 17-j034sgEnvy 17-j177ezOmen 15-5013TX
EliteBook 2540p (SK772UC)EliteBook 8460p (SP238UP)Envy 17-j036eoEnvy 17-j180nzOmen 15-5014TX
EliteBook 2540p (SK851UP)EliteBook 8460p (SP313UP)Envy 17-j040ecEnvy 17-j180saOmen 15-5016TX
EliteBook 2540p (SL614UC)EliteBook 8460p (SP398UC)Envy 17-j043sbEnvy 17-j184naOmen 15-5017TX
EliteBook 2540p (SL887UP)EliteBook 8460p (SQ979UC)Envy 17-j050exEnvy 17-j185naOmen 15-5019TX
EliteBook 2540p (SL913UP)EliteBook 8460p (WX562AV)Envy 17-j051eiEnvy 17-j188ezOmen 15-5020ca
EliteBook 2540p (SL942UC)EliteBook 8460p (YQ341EC)Envy 17-j052eiEnvy 17-j190ezOmen 15-5050nr
EliteBook 2540p (VB844AV)EliteBook 8460p (YQ363EC)Envy 17-j060efEnvy 17-j191nbOmen 15-5050sa
EliteBook 2540p (VQ381EP)EliteBook 8460p (YQ379EC)Envy 17-j060sfEnvy 17-j197efOmen 15-5051sa
EliteBook 2540p (VQ407EP)EliteBook 8470p (B2G40EC)Envy 17-j061ssEnvy 17-j198nzOmen 15-5090nz
EliteBook 2540p (VW690EC)EliteBook 8470p (B5W77AA)Envy 17-j070ezEnvy 17-j199ebOmen 15-5101tx
EliteBook 2540p (VW716EC)EliteBook 8470p (C3R14UC)Envy 17-j073sfEnvy 17-j199nbOmen 15-5104tx
EliteBook 2540p (VW836EC)EliteBook 8470p (C3Y88EC)Envy 17-j075szEnvy 17-j199nzOmen 15-5107tx
EliteBook 2540p (VW852EC)EliteBook 8470p (C3Y94EC)Envy 17-j076sfEnvy 17t-j003Omen 15-5110ca
EliteBook 2540p (VZ689AV)EliteBook 8470p (C3Z00EC)Envy 17-j078sfEnvy dv4-5300 seriesOmen 15-5111tx
EliteBook 2540p (XA105EP)EliteBook 8470p (C4P40UP)Envy 17-j082egEnvy dv4-5302tuOmen 15-5113tx
EliteBook 2540p (XA120EP)EliteBook 8470p (C4P97UP)Envy 17-j082sfEnvy dv4-5304txOmen 15-5115tx
EliteBook 2540p (XA253EP)EliteBook 8470p (C5Q57UC)Envy 17-j088sfEnvy dv4-5307txOmen 15-5116tx
EliteBook 2540p (XA289EP)EliteBook 8470p (C5R21UC)Envy 17-j089ebEnvy dv6-7201egOmen 15-5118tx
EliteBook 2540p (XA321EP)EliteBook 8470p (C7N04UP)Envy 17-j089sgEnvy dv6-7202axOmen 15-5120nr
EliteBook 2540p (XA358EP)EliteBook 8470p (C7N41UP)Envy 17-j090ezEnvy dv6-7202seOmen 15-5201tx
EliteBook 2540p (XN552AV)EliteBook 8470p (C7R61UC)Envy 17-j091efEnvy dv6-7202txOmen 15-5202tx
EliteBook 2540p (XP648AV)EliteBook 8470p (C8E84UC)Envy 17-j091ezEnvy dv6-7212txOmen 15-5204tx
EliteBook 2560p (A2F97EC)EliteBook 8470p (C9T17EC)Envy 17-j093sbEnvy dv6-7214nrOmen 15-5205tx
EliteBook 2560p (A2G04EC)EliteBook 8470p (C9T31EC)Envy 17-j098ezEnvy dv6-7215txOmen 15-5207tx
EliteBook 2560p (A2G20EC)EliteBook 8470p (C9T56EC)Envy 17-j099efEnvy dv6-7218nrOmen 15-5208tx
EliteBook 2560p (A2G37EC)EliteBook 8470p (C9T72EC)Envy 17-j100ebEnvy dv6-7250ecOmen 15-5210ca
EliteBook 2560p (A6V02EC)EliteBook 8470p (C9Z28UP)Envy 17-j100elEnvy dv6-7250srOmen 15-5210nr
EliteBook 2560p (A6V35EC)EliteBook 8470p (D2C98UP)Envy 17-j100esEnvy dv6-7251srOmen 15-5220ca
EliteBook 2560p (B2F88EC)EliteBook 8470p (D2Q81UC)Envy 17-j100niEnvy dv6-7252srOmen 15-ax002ng
EliteBook 2560p (B4L14PP)EliteBook 8470p (D3L56UC)Envy 17-j100nxEnvy dv6-7290efOmen 15-ax003ng(W6Z67EA)
EliteBook 2560p (B9D54PC)EliteBook 8470p (D3U49AW)Envy 17-j100seEnvy dv6-7299sfOmen 15-ax004ng
EliteBook 2560p (C1H29UP)EliteBook 8470p (D3U52AW)Envy 17-j100slEnvy dv6-7302eoOmen 15-ax006ng(W8Y63EA)
EliteBook 2560p (H0G26EP)EliteBook 8470p (E0E99UP)Envy 17-j100srEnvy dv6-7302soOmen 15-ax007ng
EliteBook 2560p (H0Q16EP)EliteBook 8470p (E2F83EC)Envy 17-j100sxEnvy dv6-7303eoOmen 15-ax009ng(X0L30EA)
EliteBook 2560p (H0Q43EP)EliteBook 8470p (F8P07UC)Envy 17-j101elEnvy dv6-7304axOmen 15-ax011ng
EliteBook 2560p (H0R76EP)EliteBook 8470p (H4F67EP)Envy 17-j101exEnvy dv6-7315txOmen 15-AX016TX
EliteBook 2560p (H3N88UC)EliteBook 8470p (H4X19EP)Envy 17-j101niEnvy dv6-7318txOmen 15-AX016TX(X1G86PA)
EliteBook 2560p (LC569EP)EliteBook 8470p (H4Y72EP)Envy 17-j101noEnvy dv6-7320tx (ENERGY STAR)Omen 15-AX018TX
EliteBook 2560p (LW884AW)EliteBook 8470p (H4Y95EP)Envy 17-j101saEnvy dv6-7330egOmen 15-AX018TX(X1G88PA)
EliteBook 2560p (LW887AA)EliteBook 8470p (H4Z69EP)Envy 17-j101segEnvy dv6-7366ezOmen 15-AX019TX
EliteBook 2560p (QD018EP)EliteBook 8470w (B5W65AA)Envy 17-j101sgEnvy dv6-7370sfOmen 15-ax030ng
EliteBook 2560p (QD044EP)EliteBook 8470w (C0R74PA)Envy 17-j101sxEnvy dv6-7374efOmen 15-AX030TX
EliteBook 2560p (QD060EP)EliteBook 8470w (D0N79PA)Envy 17-j102erEnvy dv6-7376sfOmen 15-AX030TX(X9J89PA)
EliteBook 2560p (QD067EP)EliteBook 8470w (F3Y56UC)Envy 17-j102slEnvy dv7-7204edOmen 15-AX031TX
EliteBook 2560p (SN358UP)EliteBook 8560p (A2F80EC)Envy 17-j103efEnvy dv7-7206txOmen 15-AX031TX(X9J90PA)
EliteBook 2560p (SN381UP)EliteBook 8560p (A2F90EC)Envy 17-j103spEnvy dv7-7210eiOmen 15-AX032TX(X9J91PA)
EliteBook 2560p (SN624UP)EliteBook 8560p (B8Q60UP)Envy 17-j104nfEnvy dv7-7210exOmen 15-AX033TX(X9J92PA)
EliteBook 2560p (SN707UP)EliteBook 8560p (H0G03EP)Envy 17-j105egEnvy dv7-7236ecOmen Pro 15
EliteBook 2560p (SQ449UP)EliteBook 8560p (H0G28EP)Envy 17-j105sgEnvy dv7-7240swOmenNotebook 15-5007tx (K5C37PA)
EliteBook 2560p (SQ598UP)EliteBook 8560p (LQ589AW)Envy 17-j106dgEnvy dv7-7243nrOmenNotebook 15-5106tx (M2W97PA)
EliteBook 2560p (SQ993UC)EliteBook 8560p (SM674UP)Envy 17-j106sfEnvy dv7-7250erPavilion 15-bc001ng
EliteBook 2560p (YQ344EC)EliteBook 8560p (SP548UC)Envy 17-j106sgEnvy dv7-7261erPavilion 15-bc005ng
EliteBook 2570p (B8S50AA)EliteBook 8560p (SQ976UC)Envy 17-j107sfEnvy dv7-7264erPavilion 15-bc007ng
EliteBook 2570p (C3H40UP)EliteBook 8560p (WX788AV)Envy 17-j109nfEnvy dv7-7266erPavilion 15-bc008ng
EliteBook 2570p (C3H49UP)EliteBook 8570p (A1L16AV)Envy 17-j110erEnvy dv7-7269sfPavilion 15-bc009tx (X1G64PA)
EliteBook 2570p (C3H90UP)EliteBook 8570p (B5V88AW)Envy 17-j110ewEnvy dv7-7297sfPavilion 15-bc010tx (X1G65PA)
EliteBook 2570p (C3Z70EC)EliteBook 8570p (C4P62UP)Envy 17-j110nsEnvy dv7-7299efPavilion 15-bc014ng
EliteBook 2570p (C4N66UP)EliteBook 8570p (C7N03UP)Envy 17-j110srEnvy dv7-7300sgPavilion 15-bc031ng
EliteBook 2570p (C4P24UP)EliteBook 8570p (E1F39UC)Envy 17-j111slEnvy dv7-7300stPavilion 15-bc084ng
EliteBook 2570p (C4Q40UP)EliteBook 8570p (H2W82EP)Envy 17-j112erEnvy dv7-7301esPavilion 15-bc301ng
EliteBook 2570p (C8E83UC)EliteBook 8570p (H4L03EP)Envy 17-j112slEnvy dv7-7302eoPavilion 15-bc380ng
EliteBook 2570p (C8L63UP)Envy 15-j004tx (E3A40PA)

Envy 17-j113el

Envy dv7-7323clPavilion DV6-2020ES
EliteBook 2570p (C9K96UC)Envy 15-j024tx (E4X55PA)Envy 17-j113erEnvy dv7-7335eaPavilion DV6-2055SO
EliteBook 2570p (C9S06UC)Envy 15-j126tx (F7Q46PA)Envy 17-j114srEnvy dv7-7374sfPavilion DV6-2057CL
EliteBook 2570p (C9T47EC)Envy 15-j145tx (G2G94PA)Envy 17-j115egEnvy dv7-7384ezPavilion DV6-2113TX
EliteBook 2570p (C9T66EC)Envy 15-j151tx (G4W65PA)Envy 17-j115seg

ENVY dv7-7391sf

Pavilion DV6-2143TX
EliteBook 2570p (C9T79EC)Envy 17-j000eoEnvy 17-j115srEnvy dv7-7394efPavilion DV6-2162SL
EliteBook 2570p (C9Y87UP)Envy 17-j000soEnvy 17-j116ex

ENVY dv7-7397el

Pavilion DV6-3038SS
EliteBook 2570p (D2Q80UC)Envy 17-j001ebEnvy 17-j116srEnvy dv7-7399elPremium HDX X18-1004TX
EliteBook 2570p (D4H48PC)Envy 17-j001erEnvy 17-j116tx (G2G19PA)Envy TouchSmart 15-j005tx (E3A41PA)Premium HDX X18-1006TX
EliteBook 2570p (E2G03EC)Envy 17-j001sgEnvy 17-j120edEnvy TouchSmart 15-j032tx (E6F34PA)Premium HDX X18-1009TX
EliteBook 2570p (E2G64PC)Envy 17-j002erEnvy 17-j120erEnvy TouchSmart 15-j128tx (F7Q48PA)Premium HDX X18-1011TX
EliteBook 2570p (E3R29UP)Envy 17-j003eaEnvy 17-j120naEnvy TouchSmart 15-j148tx (G4W13PA)Premium HDX X18-1080EW
EliteBook 2570p (E3R87UP)Envy 17-j003erEnvy 17-j120nfHDX X18-1014TXPremium HDX X18-1100EO
EliteBook 2570p (H4R97EP)Envy 17-j003saEnvy 17-j121enHDX X18-1050ERPremium HDX X18-1180CA
EliteBook 2570p (H4S04EP)Envy 17-j004egEnvy 17-j121srHDX X18-1080EDPremium HDX X18-1180ES
EliteBook 2570p (H4X20EP)Envy 17-j004erEnvy 17-j122srHDX X18-1104TXPremium HDX X18-1250EO
EliteBook 2570p (H4Y66EP)Envy 17-j005eaEnvy 17-j125erHDX X18-1107TXPremium HDX X18-1275EE
EliteBook 2570p (H5M00EP)Envy 17-j005egEnvy 17-j126srHDX X18-1114TXPremium HDX X18-1280EL
EliteBook 2570p (H6E64EP)Envy 17-j005erEnvy 17-j130ebHDX X18-1120LAPremium HDX X18-1280EW
EliteBook 8460p (A2F50EC)Envy 17-j006eaEnvy 17-j130saHDX X18-1201TXPRESARIO CQ61-310SG
EliteBook 8460p (A3C13PC)Envy 17-j006erEnvy 17-j133egHDX X18-1204TXPRESARIO CQ61-323TX
EliteBook 8460p (A3N84EC)Envy 17-j007erEnvy 17-j140naHDX X18-1250EOPRESARIO CQ61-405SA
EliteBook 8460p (A3N96EC)Envy 17-j009ed

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